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Dec 14, 2020



Jeff Rappaport has been in the real estate industry since 2000. In all those years, he’s accumulated a lot of experience, and today he’s here to share it with you. Jeff is a catalyst of the creative financing space, an alternative to the traditional bank loan method of buying a house.

Today he joins me, Mike Cowper, to talk about what creative financing is and why it’s such a great option. Along the way we discuss the perks of installment payments, the importance of being upfront about possible negative outcomes, the dangers of a subject-to deal, the best ways of utilizing creative finance, how to keep your out-of-pocket as low as possible, and the assurance that you don’t need to jump in headfirst. This episode is your first stop on the way to creative financing!


“I like to be honest with people. It’s really as simple as that.” Jeff Rappaport


“If you’re not using creative in any fashion, you’re hurting yourself.” Mike Cowper


On Today’s Episode of FlipTalk:

  • What is creative finance
  • Applying creative finance to different scenarios
  • The importance of being upfront about possible negative outcomes
  • The dangers of a subject-to


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