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Jun 24, 2020



Susan Lassiter-Lyons is an investment coach, author, and the owner of the Lassiter Publishing Group, a boutique financial publishing company that provides investment training to independent investors. She is the author of Getting The Money, a book that teaches new investors how to raise private capital for real estate. Susan has led a highly successful career with accomplishments ranging from deals averaging a 12.88% return in managing private equity funds and helped the investors she advised collectively raise $500-million since 2004.


In today’s episode, Mike Cowper is the man behind the mic once again to chat with Susan about all things related to raising private money. Susan shares her professional experience and career highlights. She describes what readers can expect from reading her book, Getting The Money and explains how new investors can get over the challenges of raising capital for their real estate business. Susan also discusses the importance of building trust, accountability, and strict vetting of both deals and partners when it comes to money lending.




"Disappointment occurs when there’s a difference between expectations and reality.” - Susan Lassiter-Lyons




On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:


  • Susan’s experience in real estate and what she does today.
  • What readers can expect from reading Getting The Money.
  • Why Susan believes you can get money everywhere.
  • The best practices in raising capital for a new investor.
  • How having a mortgage and underwriting background helped Susan find success.
  • Susan's strict criteria in accepting new deals and partners.
  • The type of people she avoids and the challenges she encounters with these lenders.
  • What Susan refers to as the "Disappointment Gap."
  • The risks of raising unsecured funds.
  • Susan's thoughts on personally guaranteeing loans.
  • Answering audience questions regarding government registrations and lender relationships.



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