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Sep 16, 2020



Alex Pardo is a coach, real estate investor, and owner of Flip Empire, a learning resource for new investors and a platform that can help seasoned investors scale their businesses. He is the host of the Flip Empire Show, a real estate podcast where he interviews other investors as well as provides strategies to help new investors find success in real estate. Despite finding tremendous success in real estate, Alex has recently decided to relinquish his role as operator and focus full-time on himself, his family, and his coaching business.


In today’s episode, Alex shares why he is no longer content with being fully committed to real estate. He explains how and when these thoughts began and what ultimately led him to be a full-time consultant and coach instead. He describes how the pandemic has changed the way he looked at himself and his career as well as his options. He discusses the economy, the politics of 2020, and his thoughts on what will happen after the elections. Alex also shares why being part of masterminds is always worth the upfront cost.




"When you have options, you think clearly and you make better decisions." - Alex Pardo




On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:


  • How Alex figured out how to improve himself beyond his business.
  • Exiting from the wholesale business and Alex's position today.
  • Entertaining thoughts on relinquishing your position and responsibilities in your business.
  • How having options can allow you to make the right decisions.
  • Transitioning from being a real estate investor to being a full-time consultant and podcast host.
  • Other ways you can add value to deals without being an operator.
  • What Alex feels the market is going to do with the election, the recession, and the pandemic.
  • How you can position your company to thrive with whatever happens in the economy.
  • Alex's thoughts on masterminds and their ROI.




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