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Apr 28, 2021

Matt Fullerton brings nearly 20 years of experience in the sales, acquisitions, and real estate industries. He is the founder and CEO of Chesapeake House Hunters, LLC, the DC area's fastest-growing Real Estate Investment company. Matt is the co-founder of The Real Deals Real Estate Investors Group, a group dedicated to networking, educating, and helping real estate professionals and investors succeed. In addition to residential, Matt has successfully flipped and wholesaled many commercial, industrial, and large-scale residential properties.

In today's episode, I talk with Matt about how to cultivate leads as cheaply as possible. We discuss whether somebody can be taught how to be a good acquisitions person, or if it is a natural-born skill. Matt also shares his strategies on cultivating leads, and why it's so important to make follow-up calls since so many salespeople forget this step.

" Follow up with people relentlessly and let “no” roll off your shoulders. I mean there's an old saying, it's “50 no's, and a yes means yes.” And that's very, very true in this industry. –Matt Fullerton

This week on Fliptalk:

  • The importance of not letting anyone write off your abilities as a child
  • Can you teach somebody the skills to be a good acquisitions person?
  • Ways to improve on your acquisition skills
  • The missteps of trying to close a deal as a seller
  • Strategies Matt uses to develop leads
  • Matt’s plan to try flipping businesses in the future

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