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Nov 17, 2021

Takeisha Hinton is another cool connection I made through Clubhouse, one of my favorite network places to virtually hang out. As a newbie to the real estate space, Takeisha had many questions for me as she begins her journey into REI. In her own words, Takeisha is someone who likes to 'know all of the terminology and rules prior to jumping in'. Quite right, too - you can never be too prepared.

In today's episode, I answer Takeisha's questions on wholesale investigating, how to uncover information available at the local courthouse, and how this differs from county to county. I explain the meaning of probate- that is when a property becomes vacant upon the property owner’s death without leaving due instruction over their assets. I reveal how my own grassroots door-knocking approach with pre-foreclosure lists helped me at the beginning of my REI journey when I had limited resources. I discuss the many ways to find buyers, including using other wholesalers' lists to research those buyers and get on their radar. I also tell you what you can do on the good old internet to reach out and create relationships with buyers in any city you wish.

"If you have no money and your trading time for dollars, then I would say your best bet is to focus on one, maybe two, lists" – Don Costa

"I have found that the ugly or something is the better the result. I don't know why but a postcard that looks like a five-year-old wrote it has been my best performing postcard" – Don Costa

"You think all the pretty glossy sexy looking 'whatever' is going to get the best result? It doesn't" – Don Costa

This week on Flip Talk:

  • Why your local courthouse should be the first step to investigating foreclosures
  • What probate means in the real estate world
  • How direct door to door is the cheapest way to start making money
  • Why your glossy postcard mails fail
  • How you can use others wholesale lists to create new buyer relationships
  • My favorite trick to finding out who wholesalers sell to

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