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Sep 15, 2021

Kevin Carroll is the Vice President of Business Development for REI BlackBook. REI BlackBook’s mission is to make marketing and sales the easiest part of running your real estate investing business. They help you leverage all the game-changing automation tools that deal makers use to outspeed the competition.

In today's episode, Kevin talks with me about the steps you need to take to meet Telephone Sales rules, and what can happen if you don’t follow them. We discuss how to comply when conducting cold calling, text message marketing, and ringless voicemails, and why just saying “I’m buying, not selling” doesn’t cover you. Kevin explains what the Telephone Sales rules are and how they have changed over time since they were implemented. He also shares what a trust score is and how it can limit the number of texts you can send out.

"Don't put yourself in a spot where technology can shut down your business.” – Kevin Carroll

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • How cold calling, text message marketing, and ringless voicemails can get you into legal trouble
  • Why you should always check the do-not call list
  • Why ‘I’m buying not selling’ is not an excuse to ignore the do-not-call list
  • What an Attorney Opinion Letter is, and why it’s not worth a whole lot
  • What are the Telephone Sales Rules and how they have changed over time
  • Steps you can take to make sure you’re staying in compliance when cold calling
  • What are ringless voicemails and why do you need written consent for them
  • How a trust score can affect the number of messages you can send out
  • Why text messaging is such a popular trend in marketing

Connect with Kevin Carroll:

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