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Dec 30, 2020



John Martinez is the Founder of Midwest Revenue Group, specializing in highly customized sales and training consulting. He mainly focuses on training those in the Real Estate Investment industry through The REI Sales Academy to help realtors turn leads into sales and prospects into clients. John helps business professionals differentiate themselves from their competition when selling, by providing companies and independent professionals with a proven, practical road map for filling their prospecting pipelines.


John joins me on today’s episode to discuss the holy grail of team hiring: the Rockstar Salesperson who YOU hope is going to repeatedly slam dunk those leads. John explains why you should be looking for the perfect sales process not sales person, and how you should rethink your process before hiring your team. We discuss the ‘follow up’ culture of sales, that while important, can sometimes be a sign you are not closing early enough on your deals. John also reveals the key questions you should put to your possible hire prospect if you want to get a rock SOLID salesperson instead of a burn out rock star.


“Instead of focusing on the person it's much easier to focus on ‘what's my sales process?’ And then when it comes to hiring that person think about who's going to work the sales process the best” – John Martinez

“When it comes to salespeople you need to kind of start changing your thinking and think in terms of ‘process’ and then who fits that process” – John Martinez

“The best salespeople I've had work under me personally are usually the introverted people because they they're naturally inclined to ask more, talk less” – John Martinez


This week on FlipTalk:

  • Why you need a rock-solid sales process- not rock star salesperson
  • Interview techniques to identify salespeople with the qualities your team requires
  • The mistakes businesses make when developing their sales process
  • Why introverted salespeople can be your secret weapon
  • How too much reliance on ‘follow up’ can waste sales time
  • The key questions you should be asking your prospective sales hire

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