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Mar 30, 2020



Chad Bartlett is a real estate investor, mentor, coach, and the owner of The Autopilot Life, a platform that educates and provides programs on how to run a real estate business remotely from anywhere in the world. Before becoming an investor, he was an auto mechanic working long hours and flipped houses on the side. Now, Chad is traveling the world with his family while simultaneously running a successful real estate business and education company.


Chad joins me to share how you can live the autopilot lifestyle. He describes what his life was like before becoming an investor and how he became an entrepreneur. He explains how he tweaked his business to fit the lifestyle he wants to have. Chad also discusses how he outsources some of his tasks and the tools he uses to make his business run smoothly without him.




“I realized the business model I had wasn't working for the lifestyle I wanted to have.” - Chad Bartlett




On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:


  • How Chad learned about real estate and how he transitioned to having a career in real estate.
  • What his first deal was like and where he closed it.
  • The reason he started his own call center.
  • Using call centers to generate leads.
  • The different tasks he delegates to his VA.
  • The freedom he achieved when he began outsourcing.
  • How his business fared when he started traveling.
  • Knowing your value inside of your business.




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