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Dec 16, 2020



Frea Buys is a residential and commercial real estate investment company based in Florida that focuses on acquiring distressed, value add assets for proprietary and private investor purposes. Founded by Will Denis, an ex-commodities analyst for Merrill Lynch, and his brother in arms Anthony Rabasa who left a footballing career via the University of Notre Dame, they put everything they had into real estate investment. The came into the business with an ‘offer of value’ and never looked back.


Will and Anthony join me today to discuss the impact of COVID 19 on the market and how they doubled down on marketing for great rewards while other realtors were cutting marketing budgets. They reveal how a podcast show inspired them to swap the world of finance and football leagues for a shot at real estate and the direct action they took to get a foot on the property investment ladder. They give tips on what you should offer if you seek out advice and help from other established investors. They also discuss how the pandemic months have been used positively to invest in hiring, which in turn has allowed them to take a step back and strategize their business and marketing campaigns to full effect and keep business rolling in.


“Go out of your way to maybe do something unorthodox. That's a good piece of advice that I would give anybody” – Will Denis

“We chose to really - I know it sounds cliché - but turn that negative into a positive and we chose to double and triple down on marketing and it paid off in spades” – Will Denis

“Just helping people out.  Just people helping people. And when you do that great things still happen for you” Anthony Rabasa

“Invest in yourself. Reinvest. Its not just about making money and putting in your pocket and buying fancy things. It’s not about that. It’s only gonna last a little bit, it’s just money. You’ve got to make more of it. “ Anthony Rabasa

Iif you don't reinvest in yourself, reinvest in your business, invest in your mental, you're just not going to grow” Anthony Rabasa

On Today’s Episode of FlipTalk:

  • How a little white lie and a lot of commitment gave the boys access to their first investor partner
  • Why you need to bring value to a prospective deal if you’re looking for help to start up
  • How COVID 19 forced the boys to take a step back and reassess their staffing structure
  • How their investment into marketing paid off during the pandemic summer months
  • How they overcame personal stubbornness and lack of time to upscale their work team



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