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Dec 21, 2020



You work hard to build a list of leads so that you can close deals. But what about the tasks in between adding a property to your list and closing a deal? Matt Kamp joins us from Deal Machine, an app to assist property developers in automated owner look up, direct mail campaigns, real estate lead management, and driving route tracking. Property data at your fingertips. Matt is Head of Partnerships for Deal Machine and also Co-organizer of Funders & Founders, a virtual happy hour connecting entrepreneurs with investors and vendors to help them grow.


Matt joins me today to discuss the power of automating ‘driving for dollars’ with the Deal Machine app. He explains how the efficiency of the app will help you drive sales by having a portfolio of data at your fingertips. We discuss the convenience of virtually driving for dollars with the help of google street view, meaning you can explore for the comfort of your own living room. Matt also gives you lucky listeners of FlipTalk access to a 7 day free trial to Deal Machine with some added bonuses just for you.

“The technology helps you track your driving. Helps you understand where to drive. Helps you add properties to the app. Helps you market to those properties – Matt Kemp


This week on FlipTalk:

  • How taking a drive around your neighbourhood can help you find your next project
  • How the Deal Machine app will help you use technology to recruit, manage and incentivize a driving team to locate properties
  • How you can create an original list no one else has
  • The instant property postcards you can send to owners of prospective properties
  • How you can drive for dollars from your sofa and not miss the game
  • The FREE 7 day trial you can access through the FlipTalk promo code

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