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May 5, 2021

Jerry Green first started in Real Estate Investing in 1993 by wholesaling and retailing properties. Since that time, he has built his business to where he now owns or is a partner in 66 rentals and has completed over 500 real estate investment deals. He has also been blessed with the opportunity to speak and train thousands of learning investors throughout the country in workshops and one-on-one mentoring.

In today's episode, I talk with Jerry about how to improve your profits with mindset shifts and sales systems. Jerry shares a simple method to help you reduce the likelihood of a counter offer. We discuss the importance of onboarding the right salespeople, and why they need to understand the operational side of your business. Jerry also talks about what to do when you get in your own way of growing your business and why you need to "fire yourself" from aspects of the business.

" I was basically a deal chaser, and I was supporting a whole team instead of the business supporting me.” –Jerry Green

This week on Fliptalk:

  • How Jerry Green started learning about wholesale back in 1993
  • Why you should be thinking about making solutions instead of making offers
  • What Price Qualifying means, and how to eliminate counter offers
  • What are the most important traits you need in sales
  • The behavior patterns of salespeople that quit early
  • Why onboarding is vital when hiring an acquisitions person
  • How to find someone that will be a good fit for your business
  • What happens when you view your business as a production line
  • Why you need to “fire yourself” from certain aspects of your business and get the right people
  • Don’t think small when it comes to your business

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