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Dec 15, 2021

Brandon Barnes is the owner of Mighty Estates LLC and is the Co-Founder of B&M Property Solutions. He and his team facilitate the acquisition and sale of 50+ single-family residential homes annually, and is continuing to grow. He is also the owner of REI Live! Atlanta, a monthly meet-up designed to empower, educate, and advise on sustainable and profitable real estate business. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Brandon earned his corporate stripes working for international brands, including the Kraft Heinz Company and Unilever. An undergraduate from Georgia State University, Brandon gained his degree in Operations Management from the Krannert School of Management at Purdue University, where he also earned his Entrepreneur Certificate. Born in Chicago and raised in Stone Mountain, Brandon now resides in Atlanta with his wife and four children.

Brandon joins me today to discuss his journey into real estate that began in 2016 when he abruptly fell off the corporate ladder and needed a solution to provide for his new wife and baby. He shares his early cold calling strategies and why the first 'NO' is not the final 'NO," and why you shouldn't be burning through your cold call list too quickly. He reveals why hiring an Acquisition Manager was a game-changer in his selling method and what automated offer delivery systems can do for your numbers. Brandon also explains his three C's, Consistency, Continuous Learning & Development, and Coaching, and how these have been the bedrock of his rapid real estate success.

"I got out of my own way by putting an acquisition manager in place to send offers without appointments. And once we started to do that, our goal is 50 offers a week. We really started to see some really strong results." – Brandon Barnes
"A cold caller needs to have their own set of follow-ups of people that immediately said 'No Not Interested' but they're going to come back to them because that is going to even out the amount of leads that they're generating over time." – Brandon Barnes

"Sending 50 offers is one thing but being able to follow up on all the offers that you sent is the other piece." – Brandon Barnes

"Literally, I hired acquisition manager in November - it was around Thanksgiving when I did the interview. And that next year we went from making like 280 to 950 within that business, plus I had my own deals going on at the same time" – Brandon Barnes

This week on Flip Talk:

  • How Brandon adapted his direct mail strategy for amazing returns
  • How an Acquisition Manager can help in ramping up offers
  • Why your cold call technique might not be working
  • Why the follow up is the vital Part Two of your strategy
  • How to get your offer and their price in the same ballpark
  • What an automated offer delivery system can do for your sales outcome
  • Brandon's Three C's for REI

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