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May 27, 2020



Clay and Evan Manship are the owners of Midwest Cash Offer, a real estate company in Indianapolis that promises to help clients sell their properties fast and easy. The clients they help range from people who want to avoid massive repairs and foreclosure to those who need cash fast. Greg and Clay founded the company in 2014 and has since flipped over 50 residential properties and currently generates over $200,000 per month.


Clay and Evan join me today to share how they run a real estate business while also helping those heavily affected by the coronavirus pandemic. They describe how they stumbled onto real estate, what their first wholesaling deal was like, and what they’ve learned since they started. They discuss their hiring and recruitment strategy and why they don’t want to be involved in it as much as possible. Clay and Evan also explain how to best build a buyer’s list and why their go-to marketing technique is cold-calling.



"If you’re not tracking your numbers, or your KPI’s, you don’t have a business.” - Clay Manship




On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:


  • How Clay and Evan got started in real estate.
  • What their first deal was like and how much they made.
  • When they quit their jobs and why it was an advantage to be twins.
  • The one thing that allowed Clay and Evan to become successful.
  • The aspects of real estate that they like doing.
  • How the COVID-19 pandemic affected the way they do business.
  • How they helped their tenants amidst the lockdown.
  • Why they like cold-calling over other lead generating methods.
  • Mistakes Clay and Evan made when they were starting out and scaling their business.
  • The positions they hired for and using virtual assistants.
  • Clay’s and Evan’s advice for building a buyer's list.



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