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Jun 29, 2020



Christina Krause is a seasoned real estate investor and owner of Postal Impact, Postal Impact Marketing Hub, and Virtual Lead Managers, businesses that were created to help new investors get a better understanding of how real estate works. Paul Del Pozo is a real estate investor who invests in the South Florida area. He represents PropStream, a real estate software created for brokers, realtors, and investors. PropStream helps streamline lead generation by only showing leads based on your criteria.


In today’s episode, Christina and Paul discuss how they vet quality leads and when investors should - and should not - follow up with a lead. They explain why new investors should track their leads, their lists, and their day-to-day activity. They describe the lists they prefer in their markets and the steps they take to make sure they’re only chasing good deals. Christina and Paul also share their thoughts on different marketing strategies and which ones can provide the best value.




"It's far more important how you convert those leads than what your lead type is.” - Christina Krause




On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:


  • Where the money comes from in marketing.
  • Why pre-foreclosure lists are a good source of leads.
  • The effects of financial distress on the mindset of a seller.
  • How to get out of your own bubble when you're just starting out.
  • Should new investors worry about tracking their KPIs?
  • The profitability of PPC, TV deals, and direct mails.
  • Why you should always track what happens to the deal, even if you lose it.
  • How to know if the leads you're getting are worth chasing.
  • The frequency of follow-ups and how long you should follow-up before you let go of a lead.
  • Why Christina doesn't like acquisitions managers doing follow-ups.
  • The number of leads Paul lets his acquisition manager keep.



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