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Jan 5, 2022

At the age of 18, Jacob Blank has been able to build a seven-figure real estate investment company. Along the way, he has gained many other high-level skills and he yearns to pass his knowledge on to others to help change their lives for the better, just like he has changed his. Jacob has been around the real estate business since he was twelve as his father is a Real Estate Broker/ Investor and has worked in this industry since before Jacob was born.

Jacob joins me today to share how he got started in the real estate business and managed to wholesale his first house when he was 17 years old. Jacob explains how he got started flipping houses with his dad and how he learned about wholesale deals. He talks about how he almost gave up on his first deal after a seller tried to take advantage of him.  Jacob also shares some of the strategies that he used to teach himself about flipping and wholesales, and what you should do if you are just starting.

"You fully need to understand the concept of whatever it is going to be, right? If you're going to go trade stocks-if you're going to go and get into crypto, why would you just put your money in there if you don't understand how the market works?" – Jacob Blank
"It's only been like two years and it's just crazy that from your first deal, in such a short amount of time, you can become really, really successful." – Jacob Blank

"I'm still in the trenches. I'm still closing deals. I need to make sure that these guys are 80% of me. So that way they can get as many deals that I'm getting." – Jacob Blank

"If you're trying to figure out how to start, learn everything you can because right now there is more free knowledge out there than ever before.” – Jacob Blank

This week on Fliptalk:

  • What got Jacob interested in flipping houses and wholesale deals at a young age
  • The steps Jacob took to prepare for his first wholesale deal
  • How Jacob was almost played by a seller after signing a contract
  • Why knocking a deal out of the park on your first try is not always a good thing
  • Jacob’s strategies to getting deals
  • How Jacob manages his business today and his goals for the future
  • What Jacob recommends you do if you’re just starting out
  • Why Jacob is expanding out of Arizona, and into Texas and California

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