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Jan 23, 2019


Chris and Jamie Bounds are a real estate business couple operating in the Texas area. They founded Texas Ideal Properties, a company that promises convenient and secure transactions for clients who want to sell their property fast. Chris’ exposure to real estate started back in 2004 while attending Texas A&M University. Jamie also graduated from Texas A&M and was a middle school teacher for six years until Chris introduced the wonders of owning a real estate business.


Chris and Jamie join me today to share their passion for real estate and how they run their business. They describe how they got started in this business and what urged them to pursue a career in property buying and selling. They discuss some of the marketing strategies they used and the lessons they learned from past mistakes. They also share tips for managing a growing business and advice for those who want to become real estate investors.




“Lack of information is never an excuse in not getting started.” - Chris Bounds





On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:


  • How Chris and Jamie got started in real estate and their previous careers.
  • What door knocking was like before smartphone apps were invented.
  • Why networking is a necessity in having a successful business.
  • Strategies they employed that worked - and that didn't work.
  • The different postcards they use and why they use a variety of colors.
  • How they handle their marketing and the people they employ for it.
  • The changes you have to make as your business grows.
  • Tips on how to mentally get past hurdles and failures.
  • How you can apply the 80:20 rule in real estate.
  • Advice on those who want to get serious in real estate.



Chris and Jamie’s Tips for Getting into Real Estate Investing:


  • The information to succeed is out there. Information is not lacking.
  • It's alright to struggle if you make a mistake, so long as you correct it earlier.
  • In marketing, be different, don't think too much about it, and be consistent.



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