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Jun 20, 2018

Justin Williams is a systems superstar in the real estate industry. He has been in business for over 10 years and his business virtually runs on autopilot. The systems and processes he uses in his business today has allowed him more time and freedom to do the things he loves while running a highly successful house flipping business.

On today’s episode, Justin shares the story of how he got into the real estate industry, how he accomplishes what he does, and how he gets it all done using various systems and processes throughout his business. He also shares several tips on what you should be tracking in your own business and the mindset you will need to grow your business to a high level of success.


“Your only goal in business is to create this machine that will work for you; that for every dollar you put into it, you’re getting 2, 3, 4, 10 times back.” – Justin Williams


On today’s episode of Flip Talk:

  • Creating systems and empowering others to do the same
  • Overcoming the fear of sharing your company secrets with your employees, partners, and contractors
  • Things you should be tracking in your business
  • The attitude and mindset you need to succeed at a high level


Justin’s Advice for New Real Estate Business Owners:

  • Create a lead generation system first, then – quickly after – create an automatic follow-up system.
  • Take massive action.
  • Surround yourself with mentors and people who have been where you are.


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